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Along with increasing the accessibility of digital collections of archival, library and museum material, the second basic task of the Croatian Cultural Heritage project is to encourage the digitisation of holdings and the creation of new contents and services.

We want high quality contents, produced in accordance with standards and good practices, sustainable over a long term, and suitable for the creation of new services. Standards, guidelines and instructions concerning specific digitisation issues ought to help in this regard.

In addition to the guidelines and instructions prepared within the scope of the project, here you can also find some advice concerning the preparation and planning of digitisation projects, a list of other selected resources related to technical and professional aspects of digitisation, and information on professional advancement programmes. You can also review the questions and answers related to digitisation, and ask your own question.


Standards and guidelines

Several working groups, established within the scope of the Croatian Cultural Heritage project, are responsible for the development of guidelines and instructions for specific points related to the digitisation of material (selection and preparation of material, digitisation procedures, storage file formats, etc.).